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The mission of the Premier Basketball League is to provide its member teams with the tools necessary to succeed both on and off the court, its players and coaches with opportunities and connections to further their professional careers, and most of all, its fans with a positive, affordable entertainment experience. In essence, the PBL strives to live up to its name as the premier minor basketball league in the nation. The PBL expects its teams to operate to a certain standard. Namely, teams will be professional, transparent and fair in all dealings. The PBL firmly believes that while only one team can be a champion at the end of the season, EVERY team can be successful. Among the standards new and existing teams will be required to follow:

  • The ability to play in a venue that meets PBL requirements with regard to floor dimensions/markings.
  • The ability to play ten home games and twelve away games, plus 4-6 playoff games following the regular season.
  • The ability and desire to promote and market the team in the community.
  • The ability to, at all times, project a professional image in the community, in the media and online.
  • The ability to record and compile accurate statistics with a PBL- selected computerized stat program, and to live-record and reproduce onto DVD game film for opposing teams and officials before they leave your venue.
  • The ability to handle the financial commitment required to adhere to these general standards.

If it sounds like you would make a solid member of the Premier Basketball League, we invite you to submit a proposal for consideration to become a member of the PBL. A successful proposal will include a cover letter expressing how your organization would fit the PBL’s mission, followed by a general description of how you would follow each of the requirements bulleted above. The information contained in your proposal will NOT be shared with any other teams or any other leagues.

Email your proposal to The PBL at .


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