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One of the biggest focal points in professional sports has been the recent coming-out of Lebron James fitness plan. This was a great example that it takes more than just being an incredible athlete to advance your career to the furthest, it takes a nutritional dedication as well.  

Jerice Crouch, the 2014 PBL Championship MVP and three-time PBL champion has been playing professional basketball for nine years, seven of those with the Rochester RazorSharks, gave us some insight on what it takes behind the scenes to become a professional athlete.

Workout Routine: My workout is more of a weekly routine. I like to begin my workout at 5 or 6am because it takes discipline to wake up early every morning. Monday, Wednesday, Friday for me is upper body weight training. Tuesday and Thursday are lower body. Then all of these are followed by core workouts and on the court basketball training. As a point guard, I like to work on my ball handling and shooting. My goal is always to build and maintain strength and endurance and overall try to better my skills.

Eating habits: My eating habits differ between on and offseason. During the season I stay away from fast food and pizza, and instead I eat a lot of baked chicken and fish. Offseason, I tend to give in, but I still designate a time frame where I am strict, nothing like the Lebron James diet though hahaha.

Random pointers: It’s all about just knowing your limits and that comes with repetition and constantly pushing yourself. It benefits you as a professional by giving yourself longevity so that you can perform at a high level and prolong your career.

For the youth: Younger kids should stick with more cardio and calisthenics. Then as you get into high school and college your body develops and you can get involved more into weight training. 

Jerice gave some great insight on proper health and fitness tips for those of all different ages. Not all of us are exactly professional athletes though, so we also learned a little more about the more “human” and realistic side that us regular people can more associate with.