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Meet Cedric Ridle:

1) Favorite NBA team growing up?Philadlephia 76ers, because my favorite player growing up was Allen Iverson.

2) Michael Jordan or Lebron James? This is a tough one. I would take Lebron James right now because of age difference, but I don't think anybody will go against Michael Jordan in his prime.

3) Favorite food? Good ole fashioned American burger.

4) Scooby Doo or Snoopy? I'll have to say Scooby Doo mainly because he's the cartoon character I grew up on more.

5) Favorite sports movie? Glory Road. Mainly because one of the main characters was from my hometown of Gary, Indiana, and it was based on a true story.

6) What celebrity would you like to shake hands with? Dump a soda on? This is funny, but I would love to shake hands with Kevin Hart. I would dump the soda on Sheldon Williams.....I have my reasons. 

7) Most embarrassing song that may appear on shuffle on your iPod? It would have to be "Rocket" by Beyonce. 

8) If not a professional athlete, then what? I would have to say I would work in the field of radio or TV broadcast since that's what I went to school for, and two I like to work on the sound boards. 

9) A movie about Cedric Ridle, who would play you? It would have to be Bow Wow or Michael B. Jordan mainly because people say we look alike and I think that those two are pretty good at basketball, so they would be able to portray my actions in life.

10) Something you'd like the fans to know about you? I'm just a young kid with a good heart that plays hard and loves the game of basketball.
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Who's Hot: The Chicago Tide are on a two-game winning streak after getting to play spoiler. They defeated the Lake Michigan Admirals on Friday, and then the Lima Express on Sunday eliminating both teams of having any chance of reaching the playoffs. 

Who's Not: The Pee Dee Vipers started off the season as one of the strongest contenders in the PBL, but they recently hit an unfortunate three-game losing streak that eliminated their chances of clinching home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.

Game of the Week:

Saturday 3/29
Pee Dee vs. Indianapolis

Indianapolis (9-5) and Pee Dee (10-5) met on Sunday, March 23rd for the first time all season. In what was a very close game ended up a 104-101 victory for the boys in Indiana.

Both teams possess the second playoff spot in their division but have had promising games against the top seeded team above them.

If Pee Dee and Indianapolis can come out victorious in the first round of the playoffs, this could become a preview to the championship round.
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